Bienenwachskerzen: Die natürliche Alternative
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Hexagonal Trellis

I love to pour through garden magazines, always looking for new inspiration for my yard. You'll understand why I must share my latest find with you, a honeycomb trellis.  

Hexagonal TrellisHexagonal TrellisHexagonal Trellis

What a great idea to bring this shape found in nature into the yard. Create your own design by selecting and combining different available structures. Not only your plant ascends the wall, but the honeycomb trellis also appears to be climbing upwards. Even in Winter when the plants have lost their leaves and color, you'll enjoy looking at this as a piece of artwork.


Hexagonal Trellis with flowers


Hexagonal Trellis with flowers

Comb-ination by designer Arik Levy. Available in Germany at Ikarus.


Some favorite annuals to be grown on a trellis are the morning glory or sweet peas. If you only want to have to plant once, then try a climbing perennial such as clematis, climbing roses or passion flower. What do you have growing upwards?

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