Bienenwachskerzen: Die natürliche Alternative
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If you haven't visited the Birnau church set on the hill above Lake Konstanz, you must put it on your list of things to see. The Birnau, a baroque church built between 1746 and 1749, sits above a vineyard overlooking the Bodensee. I live just on the other side of the lake from this landmark. My parents-in-law even married here. Over the years, I have visited the Birnau several times, often with visitors from the USA. Each and every one of them is always taken aback by the absolute beauty, the pastel colors and the detail upon entering the church. I like to send them searching for a very special little boy. "Look for the little boy with curly hair licking his finger". I am of course referring to the plaster figure made by the sculptor Joseph Anton Feuchtmayer, appropriately named the "Honigschlecker" (honey licker). He appears to be trying to hide the bee skep, containing the liquid gold he so seems to be enjoying. 


Honigschlecker Birnau



Birnau Kirche am Bodensee

Photo: Siegbert Pinger / pixelio


But I won't tell you where he is, you will have to search for yourself.

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