Bienenwachskerzen: Die natürliche Alternative
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Plastic Honey Rug

Plastic is not the first material I think of when looking for a rug. But if you're looking for a rug that looks beautiful enough to be inside but is safe to be outside, then I have something for you today. And of course I simply couldn't resist the honeycomb print. Made in Sweden by pappelina, the honeycomb rug is woven out of plastic. The company adheres to strict environmental regulations and does not use any dangerous softeners or harmful heavy metals in production. Pappelina's products have a long life and need little maintenance, thus saving on natural resources. As you know, I love a product made with someone's hard working hands. The weaving of these rugs takes place on traditional looms from the 1950's. Available at AmbienteDirect.


Hexagonal Rug from Pappelina


Any of you in the market for a new rug?

Photo: pappelina

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