Bienenwachskerzen: Die natürliche Alternative
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Urban Beehive

Provided we take care of the bees today, this is what beekeeping could look like in the future. Wow!  

Urban Beehive


As part of Philips forward looking design project called "Microbial Home", it has designed a concept for keeping bees at home. This hive is so beautiful that I would compare it to having a fish tank in your home, very soothing and meditative to watch. Imagine having a first row seat to the fascinating world of bees.

The hive consists of two parts: entrance from the outside and the inside containing the honeycomb frames. Just imagine getting your honey fresh from the hive outside of your very own window.

Unfortunately, we will have to keep this idea in our imagination for now. Philips did not produce the urban beehive for production but rather to start a discussion about a balanced ecosystem in the home. 

Would you be interested in having bees in your home? 

Photos: Philips


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